Sudopool CLOSED - 12/27/2014 - After about a year of operation, we were not able to get the hashrate we need to sustain our service. Overall, we lost little bit of time and money doing this, but we learned a lot and had fun. Thank you all of you miners for your support. If we see another opportunity in this space, we'll be back, but until then, goodbye, and thank you again. P.S. Everyone will be paid in full. - Sudopool

Pool Log

DOGE/LTC/BTC per MHs/day Stats Added 2:30 AM UTC 5/9/2014
Sudopool is back! Now protected from DDOS! :) 7:00 AM UTC 5/6/2014
SERVER DOWN: We don't know what's going on, but everything has gone down. We're heading over to our datacenter to see what's going on. Will keep you posted. 3:15 AM 5/3/2014 UTC
No problems past 2 days :) New dedicated Earth stratum is being prepared. Reddcoin and Earthcoin coming soon. 1AM UTC 5/2/2014
Go to the moon now! Abandon earth! 8AM UTC 4/28/2014
We're having issues with shares and calculating hashrate. We're not exactly sure why it keeps happening. It might be some kind of an attack, or something we're not seeing, but we haven't changed anything, it's happening. We're trying to figure it out. Whenever it happens, (we don't know what it is, except that it stop our stratums from sending shares to our database), we can't process hashrate, and we can't process blocks. We're looking into the issue, and trying to figure why it's happening. We're going to stop trying to catch up with getting old shares from stratum log into database to help us troubleshoot why this keeps happening. Will keep you posted. 10:00PM UTC 4/24/2014
Our shares database had some performance issues past several hours. We expected this so we set it up so that our stratums save all shares data to two separate databases, one main, and one backup. We did this so that even if one goes down, we would still have database access to all shares. We also have text file backups of all shares submitted at the stratum level if both databases are to go down, so we would never lose your shares for as long as our stratums are up. We've recovered the main shares database, and we've now put the database on redundant SSDs. We used to keep all data on redundant SSDs, except for shares data because we anticipated the shares data will grow to be huge. Well, it is getting huge, but at the same we're doing a lot of work on these shares, so performance was getting bad, so for a temporary fix, we've put the shares data on SSDs as well. We will eventually need a database design fix where the work we do actually won't affect shares data, but separate and additional shares metadata to keep track of work we do with shares, like how much was paid to each share, and which block paid it. In any case, we're now working on synchronizing shares between the main and the backup shares database, and once it's done, we'll catch up stats processing. We are going to wait to process payments tonight until we synchronize everyting and catup with all stats. We're only behind 3 hours, so we don't expect this to take too long. Sorry for the inconvenience. We expect to catch up with everything to be running smoothly within next 6-12 hours. You can keep mining. We are getting your shares. Thank you, and Happy Easter! - 12:00 AM UTC 4/20/2014
Sudopool Nightly available at DO NOT USE if you are going to complain about it in any way. It will get nightly updates with features we've been working on that day, and things might look weird, be incomplete, or not work properly. It is provided AS IS for those who want to help us make the pool better on the bleeding edge with us. Only things that have matured from there might get pushed on stable Sudpool on a weekly basis. Thanks for mining with us! 9pm UTC 4/15/2014
Fully caught up with all the blocks. Processing payments. For those of you who have been following some negative posts about some miner's premature and negative conclusion about Sudopool, please check his stats and compare against his statements. We've been nothing but working hard to keep making it better for you, but when posts like these come about and cause panics and cause miners to leave, we lose a lot energy for no good reason, especially when we're called names like thieves or incompetent. It makes us sad that we're being misunderstood despite our best intentions, and when no amount of explanation seems to get through, but in any case, he has helped us make our pool even better. We'll take more conservative approach to getting you the latest updates as some miners prefer stability over getting access to latest & greatest features. After all, we think this will help our hashrate grow in a more stable manner. We're thinking of making a bleeding edge nightly version of our pool interface to those who want to see and use the latest and greatest. We hope those who left and pull their miners because of the panic come back. Please help spread the word about our pool to your miner friends. We live off hashrates. We don't mean that we make a living out of it because we're only making about $5 in fees a day, it'd be nice if that goes up to $50 a day, or $500 a day sometime, but right now it costs way more to run all of this, plus our time and effort, but seeing hashrate go up energizes us, and motivates us to want to kepe making the pool better. Thanks for your support, and happy mining!
We have removed the mined & paid graphs for now. It's been the source of our delays in processing blocks. We've been trying to give you our latest & greatest as they happen, but it seems it's too bleeding edge for some of our less technical miners who do not know what goes into building a pool like Sudopool. Well, our goal is to server them as well as some of more techinal miners who appreciate and understand what we're trying to do, but after all, a pool needs hashrate to be a pool. So, we're dropping support for the mined & paid graphs, and we'll hold off slightly on giving your the latest updates, or we might make a separate bleeding edge interface for miners who want to be on the forefront of development with us. In any case, we're seeing our hashrate drop as some of our miners who don't understand what is going are causing a ruckus and rallying against us, so we've dropped the mined & paid graphs, which will help us catch up with blocks much faster, and we'll have spend less time responding to miners' complaints about the graphs and delays, and actually have more time to put into development. As of right now, there are 177 blocks that need to be processed. Each one is now taking about 2 minutes without running into any database deadlocks from trying to work on the graphs, so we should be getting caught up much faster than before. We'll keep you posted. Thanks. 1:20 PM UTC 4/14/2014
There are 143 blocks that have not yet been credited to worker's balances as of right now that built up while we were trying to fix the graphs. The way we tried to fix the graphs last night turned out to be way too slow, where it will take 200 hours to complete, so we stopped it and just resumed stats and blocks processing. If you mined betwen April 8th to April 12th, you may have noticed that your mined graph looks weird. Just ignore the mined & paid graph for now as they still need fixing. Building those graphs for all workers is turning out to be the bottleneck behind why it takes 5 minutes to process a block, otherwise it would take less than a minute. We're working on a more efficient way to build those graphs, but as of right now, they are what they are, so please do not draw conclusions from those graphs. 143 blocks are not going to get all processed before payments start going out tonight in 2 hours. So, you may receive less than what you expect to receive today, but they will be included in tomorrow's payment. It takes 5 minutes to process a block, so it will process about another 20 blocks before payment goes out. We apologize for the delays. Thank you for your understanding. @10PM UTC 4/13/2014
BUG FIXED: Now processing about 16 hours blocks that have not yet been processed since last night. Your balance will only go up from here. Stats processing will be turned off for about 12 hours starting 6AM UTC 4/13/2014 in order to fix your miners' and workers' Mined & Paid graphs. We can't update such a large set of data while continuing to insert new stats. Stratums will be up, so you can keep mining. Your hashrate will not update, but you can check your list of shares to see that your new shares are being accepted. Your hashrate graph will catch up once we turn stats processing back on. Our apologies for the bug in the first place, and putting some of our new miners in a bit of a panic. We're far from perfect, but we're making it better and better each day. There should be pretty decent payout going out tonight. Thanks, and happy mining! @ 3 PM UTC 4/12/2014
Statistics has been paused to process some historical graph data for miners and workers. you can continue mining without any issues, and you can check that we are getting your shares by looking at the shares page. 9 AM UTC 4 /13/2014
BUG FOUND AND IS BEING FIXED: We just found out today that some of the blocks didn't pay out to DOGE, and LTC, while overpaying BTC miners (EDIT: BTC Miners were NOT overpaid).
Stratums have been patched to protect against the kind attack we were attacked with at 12:35 AM UTC 4/11/2014, and additionally an issue for low hashrate CPU miners where low hashrate miners were timing out and getting disconnected has been resolved by extending the timeout period from 1 minute to 2 minutes. We will continue to make our stratums more robust against potential attack as we go. Rest assured that every time we get attacked, and it gets patched, the stronger it gets. Happy mining! Sudopool @ 4:15 AM UTC 4/11/2014
Our stratums were just attacked. (Recovered) @ 12:45 AM UTC 4/11/2014
4/10/2014 3:00 PM UTC - [Promotional Giveaway][100,000 Doge][Sudopool] WOW. Multipool 4 Shibes! Such Profit! Doge Price UP! TO THE MOON!!!
4/9/2014 4:30 AM UTC - Everything is running smoothly now. We'll be making minor cosmetic improvements tomorrow. Payments are being sent out.
4/9/2014 12:00 AM UTC - We've resumed stats processing. we're caught up with hashrates, but we're still processing about 75 blocks found since last night. once those have been credited to all miners, we'll start the payment processing. also, new features that allow you to drill down into blocks, and shares, and trades have been released. you'll see links to them on your stats page. it's not quite polished yet, but figured we're release it first, then polish it to make it look pretty. thanks for keeping up with mining while stats were paused to recalculated share prices.
4/6/2014 8:30 AM UTC - All forked potcoins have been paid at their maximum possible value. They will be paid out at our regular payout time at midnight UTC. If you like what we did, please donate to one of the donation addresses at the bottom to giveaway for when we run our dogecoin giveaway on dogecoin subreddit. Thanks. @ 8:30AM UTC April 6
4/6/2014 4:00 AM UTC - IMPORTANT: How Sudopool will handle FORKED Potcoins @ 4:00 AM UTC April 6
4/5/2014 2:45 AM UTC - HEADS UP: Delays in Balance Processing Expected. Potcoin has been about twice as profitable than the next most profitable coin for the past 7-8 hours, so we've been mining it, and we've mined a lot, and we've been sending it to Cryptsy so we can trade it, but Cryptsy has yet to confirm receipt of any of them. We've mined potcoin before, and they've received our potcoin fine in the past, so we believe this is just a delay or throttling in their processing, and not a problem in any part of our system. Cryptsy has been known to take a while processing deposits now and then. We will keep mining potcoin for now, but we will stop sending Cryptsy additional deposits until we see our deposits in their system. We've submitted a support ticket to Cryptsy to look into this matter, and we will continue to mine Potcoin for now, and keep our eyes on the matter. @ April 6, 1:00 AM UTC
Update: It seems the issue might have something to do with Potcoin Wallet updating yesterday. We've also just heard from Cryptsy support, and we've sent them list of all transactions we've sent to them. We've started the process of updating our wallets on our stratums as well as our hot payout wallet. @ April 6, 1:30 AM UTC
Update: Unfortunately, we found out that we've been mining FORKED potcoin from April 5, 17:04 UTC to April 6, 1:19 UTC for 8 hours and 15 minutes. We are working on figuring out the best way to compensate miners out of our own pocket to all miners who submited shares during this time based on the shares accepted. We are now mining feathercoin now, but as soon as we finish updating potcoin wallet, we will mine potcoin again as it is still significantly more profitable than any other coins, most likely due to the forking of this coin. @ April 5, 2:45 AM
4/4/2014Just added new graphs, new block stats, new trades stats, new coins timeline, and idle worker notification but we need more hashing power! We need your help!
4/3/2014 - Idle worker email notification added on the worker stat page. We're working on adding blocks found data, blocks traded data, coin profitability data, and upgrading the graphs now. @ April 3, 8 PM UTC
4/2/2014 - Good news, everyone! Stats processing is running smoothly now. It is now updating all stats since the first block. From now on, balance will now update as soon as a block matures, is sent to an exchange, and is traded into coin of your choice. Payment will now be sent out at normal time at midnight UTC. We will space out each payments sent through our wallet to see if that will prevent the wallet from delaying broadcasting all the transactions like last time. If it gets stuck again, we'll let you know and work on a solution. We had many feature requests, and we'll work on them as we go. Thank you for sticking with us while got started on this rough start. Your continued hashrate drove us harder in fixing these issues as they happened. The core functionalities of Sudopool should be stable for the most part now, and we'll continue to monitor its stability, then we'll start adding features you've requested as well as some additional core features we had in mind that will give pretty and transparent view of status and workings of Sudopool. If you have some miner friends, tell them about us, and let's go TO THE MOON!!!! @ 5:30 PM UTC
4/1/2014 - For those of you whose stats say you've been paid, but are still have not received payment, see the attach picture and comment on to find out what is going on.
4/1/2014 8:00 AM UTC - There were some problems with balance statistics, that caused delay in balance processing as well as payment. We worked all day and night at it, and the issues have been patched up for now, but a more permanent fixes are necessary. We sent out payments to everyone in the correct amount. We also lowered the minimum doge payment amount to 100 doge from 500 doge. In any case, because we're such a new pool, and since we haven't paid out up until now, we wanted to send out a payment to everyone as soon as possible so you who have been supporting us with your hashrate will keep mining with us. So, we patched things up as quickly as we can, but the results are temporary. We will keep working to make it run smooth. There may be some delays and possible weird behaviors in statistics next 48 hours. - Sudopool 4/1/2014 @ 8 AM UTC
3/31/2014 12:38 PM UTC - Found 3 feathercoin blocks last night! 1st block found after 20 hours of mining, 2nd after 25 minutes, and 3rd after 1 hour. This is variance. If you mined for a few hours in the beginning and left, you were only mining during a time we were having bad luck, so you won't be paid very much, but if you were mining during the time between when we found the 1st block and 3rd block, your balance will jump significantly today, because your rided out the variance, and after bad luck, some really good luck came, and you were there for it. Please don't get anxious when your balance doesn't go up for a while, and keep mining, it's to your advantage. Until we get a significantly higher hashrate, this is just how it will as we grow. Tell your miner friends about us. Please read FAQ on variance for more information, and thanks for mining with us! - Sudopool @ 12:38 PM UTC
3/31/2014 - There was bug in the balance processing. It is not properly distributing some 200,000 doges we've mined and traded. You may have noticed balances going up and down as we track and fix this issue. Rest assured that in the end you will be paid proper amount. We're not going to sleep until we get this, and we will send out payments those who have met minimum threshold before we go to sleep. Can't answer questions or reply to other posts right now as we're working on this. Will answer all questions once it's running smoothly. Thanks for your patience.
3/30/2014 9:19 AM UTC - Pool Starts

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