Sudopool CLOSED - 12/27/2014 - After about a year of operation, we were not able to get the hashrate we need to sustain our service. Overall, we lost little bit of time and money doing this, but we learned a lot and had fun. Thank you all of you miners for your support. If we see another opportunity in this space, we'll be back, but until then, goodbye, and thank you again. P.S. Everyone will be paid in full. - Sudopool


Last updated: 3:00 AM UTC

Ask us questions, and we'll add them here if we keep getting the same questions. Thanks.

Stats are updated every minute. Hashrate is averaged from 15 minutes block of time, so it will take 15 minutes for your hashrate to go up, and to go down.

What is the exact username format?

No special characters are allowed in the username except for '@' character to separate worker name from payout address. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed.

What are you guys trying to do?

We are trying build the best pool experience ever. We're miners ourselves, and we don't have the time to mine various different coins and exchange them ourselves manually. We know that will get us more coins we want, but it's just not something we want to put our time and effort into. It's also a real pain to find a quality pool when a new coin comes out because they all look the same, and shady, and we don't know if we can trust them not to steal from us. We hate how we have register on all those other pools, give them our emails to activate and spam, have to type in the annoying captcha everytime we have sign in just to see our stats. And we hate how we don't know what's going on under the pool, and how easily they could be stealing from us. So, we always tended to prefer Pay Per Share mining pools over any other, but there are few of them, and the fee is high. Well, so we made one ourselves at and it was a success, except that we found out about witholding attacks that can be used against us by malicious pools and miners, so we stopped while we were ahead. Then we went thinking, and made Sudopool, and it's everything we want from a mining pool. It's not quite there yet, but we'll make it near perfect. It will give you the coins you want, while it mines the most profitable coins, without any registration, logins, or passwords, and everything will be transparent so that everyone can see what is happening and has happened in the pool. You will be able to see every share you submitted, and which blocks were found and traded in what ways where to pay that share exactly how much. And everything will be in real-time, and everything available through our API so miners can write programs to make sure we're not cheating. It will still be possible for us to cheat miners, but we will make it as difficult as possible for us to do so so that you never have to go with a dirty feeling that your pool is cheating you. We've felt that all pools we've mined except for PPS pools, and that's why we made a PPS pool to begin with, but it is not possible to run a PPS pool due to risks associated with witholding attacks. In any case, mine with us, and help us grow, and let's make the best pool ever together.

What is witholding attack?

Witholding attack is where a malicious miner will get work from a pool to solve, then try to solve it, and submit shares that are close to solving to get credit for accepted shares, but when the miner actually finds the block share, then it doesn't give it the pool. The miner cannot redeem the pool itself, but it will hold it to prevent the pool from getting it. Pools can attack another pool with this attack to draw away miners from one pool to another. When someone does a witholding attack on a PPS pool, the pool operators take 100% damage because they're paying for all accepted shares while taking on the full risk of variance. In other types of pools, all miners share this risk. Pools will still do this non-PPS pools to reduce their blocking finding rate to make mines suffer. Only way to mitigate this is to install custom anti-witholding attack software on the client, like how anti-cheat clients are needed to play certain online games, but this starts a constant battle between the cheaters and anti-cheaters, and it is not something worth getting into for a pool.

How do I set weather I want Doge, Btc, or Ltc?

You don't. We will know what you want by looking at your address. All doge addresses are with "D", while all bitcoin addresses start with "1", and all litecoin addresses start with "L".

When will my balance update?

Your balance will update when the pool finds a block, and it's been traded into your currency of choice.

When will I get paid?

When you balance is higher than the minimum threshold at 12:00 AM UTC, then you will be paid at that time.

How do I use the API calls?

We will make pretty interfaces to present all of our data in a nice way as we keep developing, but in the meantime, you can just use your browser to call our API directly. If your browser support viewing XML, you will be able just go to to find out what coin we're currently mining. The API reveals raw data directly from our database, so some of it might be difficult to understand. For example, if you see a Type 6, that means feathercoin because feathercoin addresses start with 6. D for doge. L for litecoin, and so on. We'll continue to add more documentation to our API as well.

What coins are you mining?

Right now, we're choosing between Feathercoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Worldcoin, Potcoin, Franko, and Fastcoin. We've disabled selection of few of these coins because we just don't have the hashrate to even try getting at them, while some of them like Fastcoin is mainly for testing purposes because difficulty is so low that we can find blocks quickly to test the system.

How do you calculate which coins are most profitable?

We look at the coin's orphan rate, block time, reward amount, exchange rate, exchange rate stability, exchange volume, and current buy order book to score a coin.

How often do you switch coins?

We recalculate profitability each minute, and if another coin has at least 10% higher score, we switch immediately whether we found a block or not. We estimate there is about 1-2 second cost of mining to switching everyone over to new coin, so we are trying to prevent switching between two similiarly profitable coins constantly.

How is payment calculated?

Payment is calculated based on number of accepted shars. Let's say we find a block that is worth 3 btc. And let's say there are 33 doge miners, 33 bitcoin miners, and 33 litecoin miners. We will send that block to an exchange, and get it traded as soon as the block we find matures. We will then trade 1/3 of it to doge, 1/3 of it to litecoin, and 1/3 of it to bitcoin. Then, we withdraw those coins, and we divide each coin's amount by number of shares, and calculate how much each share is worth. We then pay each share from each worker to each worker. As those shares are paid, balance of each worker is updated. Once this balance across all of a miner's workers goes above minimum threshold, a payment is sent out to the miner at 12:00 AM UTC.

What is variance?

Variance is where sometimes it takes a long time for our pool to find a block, while sometimes it takes no time at all to find a block. We used to operate until we found about potential for witholding attacks from malicious pools and miners. In any case, when we ran PPS Mining Pool, we found two 50 ltc litecoin blocks with just a few minutes in between, while the expected time to block was about 15 days, and we've been mining for about 30 days to find the first one. This is variance. What it means is that if you mine over a long period of time, you will ride out this variance and come to an average, but it means that sometimes you will make less and sometimes you will make more. This will be true for our pool until we get big enough that we are finding many blocks each day. When we have a few gigahashes, the size of the pool will take the variance away, until then miners will have to weather the variance. We're a very small pool that just got started. As of this writing, it's only been 16 hours, and we're seeing people get concerned and anxious over why we haven't found a block yet, and so on. There is nothing we can do to solve this problem, except to maybe tackle less difficult coins that are less profitable, but that would defeat whole purpose. We will mine whatever is most profitable, and we will eventually get big enough to ride out the variance. Until then, we would really appreciate if you understand this aspect of mining on a small pool, and understand that sometimes you will get paid a lot, and sometimes you will get less. Don't get too excited when you get paid much more than you were mining at other pools, but it's variance. It's not going to last, and same goes the other way around. Keep mining with us, we'll be able to keep taking the variance away while giving you the best pool mining experience.

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