Sudopool CLOSED - 12/27/2014 - After about a year of operation, we were not able to get the hashrate we need to sustain our service. Overall, we lost little bit of time and money doing this, but we learned a lot and had fun. Thank you all of you miners for your support. If we see another opportunity in this space, we'll be back, but until then, goodbye, and thank you again. P.S. Everyone will be paid in full. - Sudopool
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Sudopool is owned and operated by Mosaically



Get the most doge, btc, ltc from your GPUs!


How it works

No registration. No account. No password.

Auto-mine the most profitable coins.

Auto-trade mined coins into coin of your choice.

Auto-pay daily when your balance > minimum.

Real-time stats, API, graphs, and notifications.

Pool fee is 1.5%.

Auto-pay minimum

100 doge

0.01 btc

0.1 ltc

Get started



Use one as your main, and one as failover.

Username = worker@address (Learn more)

Password = anything

Support Sudopool
Doge: D5EPJTJ1vRXU7h1qVjpJk4QzByp4n581c7
Bitcoin: 1FMzRrTXjfYwEeJjwHd483AVkTG3Bgovxz
Litecoin: LKcCWju4rmVf4UCrQU4ngijVzEqQpBZT1R